Hello nice people!

My boss got a Blackberry Passport a few weeks, and right out of the box, I was able to add his GroupWise account, including contacts (over 400 of them). Then, we decided to clear out a lot of old stuff from his address book, so I dumped it out, imported it to a new address book and then on the data synchronizer (not GMS, it's Data Synchronizer 1.2.5) clicked on the new address book, and off the old one and hit Save.

The information updated on other devices, but on the Passport, the old address book was removed, but the new one did not appear. I copied all of the contacts from the old one to the new one (his default GroupWise book) and tried again (going back to the one that had been active before) and again, it works on other devices (a Q10 and an Android) but not on the Passport.

I've talked to our cell provider, who set me up with a ticket at Blackberry, but neither of them has any idea why this might be so (it may just have been a fluke that it worked at all a few weeks ago).

Thanks for any ideas,