We keep experiencing a strange problem each time we update our Windows satellite imaging servers via TFTP replication. Once the imaging files have been updated on a given satellite, when workstations with PXE enabled boot up, they hang at the PXE boot screen with the error "TFTP open timeout" (or a similar message).

Rebooting the satellite does not help. The only fix is to remove the imaging function from the satellite and then add it back on (via ZCC). After doing this, workstations are able to PXE boot again. However, the next time we push updates via TFTP to the satellites, the same problem occurs.

We have found that manually copying imaging updates onto the satellites does not create the problem. It only happens when the updates are applied via TFTP replication.

The workstations are various Dell OptiPlex models. We are currently running ZCM 11.3.1 FTF1, but the problem has been happening for a long time, including on 11.2.4. The satellites are running Windows 7 Pro x64. It happens at multiple locations, with multiple satellite servers.

Any ideas?