Hello All.
I'm trying to run a report that shows me all 'Sent/Received' items larger than 30MB in my users mailbox.
For the post office, Under: Mailbox Maintenance->Mailbox Statistics -> Items Larger Than. The box is asking for a size in KB's.

- So if i enter: 30720kb (30MB) and run the report.
I get back a report stating: "Items larger than 2147483648 bytes" for each user (which is 2000MB), and of course know one has any messages of that size.

- I then tried entering a few different sizes to try and figure out what it was translating to.

- when I entered 300 in the text box, I got close to it giving me a report showing 30MB Items.
It seems the text box is interpreting whatever you enter (300) as Megabits, not Kilobytes.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known problem? (GW 2014 SP1)

Thanks for any assistance.