On login to a VM view pool, with VMware persona management in use, a user is prompted to login to ZCM and when they attempt to they receive the error "unable to log into the network because login credentials or server certificate is incorrect". After a few minutes the user tries again and it works. Any ideas what might cause such a delay?

I can send some logs to anyone that may be able to help.

I also seem to need to manually clear image safe data otherwise ZCM doesn't register the VM clones as new workstations... the process is something like this which I took from another post and joined to our previous process that worked fine in previous versions of ZCM...

zac fsg -d
zac cc
net stop "Novell Identity Store"
net stop "Novell ZENworks Agent Service"
net stop nzwinvnc
del "%ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf\deviceguid"
del "%ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf\devicedata"
del "%ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf\*.sav"
del "%ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\conninfo.dat"
rem this bit doesn't clear data anymore so run manually "%ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\preboot\ZISWIN.EXE" -clear

rem Clear and Save Image Safe Data but dont set just imaged flag




This is probably overkill but as I said the simple ziswin -clear switch no longer seems to work. and I've gone way off track!