Hi all,

Just wondering if its just me with these issues.

I had our preboot imaging script bundle assigned to the Workstation folder within the ZCC, but since the update to 11.3.2 when attempting to apply the imaging script bundle to a device within the ZCC it throws an error saying that no imaging script bundle is assigned to the device. The only way to get around this issue has been for me to assign the preboot imaging script bundle to each device within our zone, not the folders they exist within.

Another issue I've had is if I select more than one device within the ZCC the action option "apply assigned imaging bundle" is greyed out. If I only select one device I am able to use that option again.

Can anyone else confirm if they're experiencing the same issues?

We're running 3x SLES 11 primaries running 11.3.2, all with the imaging role (our imaging script load balances between the three).

I've tried accessing the ZCC with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and they all experience the same issue above.