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Thread: Device get wrong certificate

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    Device get wrong certificate


    Not sure wether this is actually a GroupWise Mobile device server problem.

    Running the GroupWise Mobile server 2.01. Dashboard looking ok; everything green en synced. Great.
    Using the default ssl poort 443. The router is a Vigor Draytek 2880n which has 443 open en connects to the local IP of the datasync server (or is it GroupWise Mobile server).

    When I try to connect with an android device or iPhone I get the the message that there is a problem with the certificate. This usually happends, as whe rarely use an official certicate. Normally it will work anyway. Not this time however.

    Examening the certificate indicates that the owner is the.. Draytek device. This puzzles me as we have dozens of setups running with the same hardware. But the phone wil ofcourse not sync in this case.

    Using a FireWall entry 443 which connect to the local server of using the Port Adress Translatation feature in the gateway doen not make a difference.

    Again not sure if it related to the DS server itself. But I'm sure that someone has a bright idea how to solve this.

    Thanks in advance .

    Eric Loderichs
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