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Thread: What driver to use for the renderers for compatiibility?

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    What driver to use for the renderers for compatiibility?

    We are running iPrint 1.1 with the latest patches.

    So if I understand correctly, the mobile device sends its print job to iPrint mobile and it sends it to the appropriate render which we have set up with generic drivers. Those drivers are used to render the job and then send it to the printer.

    Our local render is set to the generic postscript driver and our Windows render is set to the latest HP Universal PS driver.

    This seems to work well on our HP lasers that we have been using. We have just tried to set up with an OfficeJet 8100 printer but I'm wondering if it doesn't support Postscript. In which case does that mean we can't use the printer with Mobile iPrint? Only Postscript printers can be used with the Mobile portion of iPrint Mobile. Whereas, you can specify on a per printer basis the driver for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux with the Desktop iPrint client?

    Do I follow correctly? Why is there no option to set a different print driver for rendering to a printer that doesn't support Postscript.

    What I am seeing at least with our OfficeJet 8100 is that it is printing out the PostScript output instead of printing the document.

    If I'm off base a nudge in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks.

    If I could disable the local renderer and the Windows renderer could handle all the formats then I could set it to PCL since almost all our printers support PCL. I really need to understand how this will allow us to use non-Postscript printers.

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