How can I modify ZAA's HTTP proxy parameter on Windows? I'm interested in the easiest client-side configuration hack, and also interested in the proper administrative solution if posssible.

  • Zenworks (SLES 11.3) (network A)
  • Zenworks Windows Proxy (Windows Server 2008 R2) (network A)
  • Zenworks Adaptive Agent Version: (Windows Server 2012 R2) (network B)
  • Zenworks Repeater (Windows 2003 R2) (network B)

ZAA on network B is unable to provide inventory info to ZCM on network A despite the repeater setup on B. Prior to troubleshooting the repeater issue, I prefer to first get the ZAA client on A in direct contact with the ZCM on A given there's an existing network route that doesn't necessitate the repeater. My intention is to clear ZAA's HTTP proxy parameter thinking this will result in direct communication to ZCM.