So, I have a secondary IMAP email account in GroupWise and I received a calendar invite in that account that appeared in my GroupWise Mailbox. I accepted it but I keep receiving another calendar invite appearing in my GroupWise Mailbox every time I do a Send/Receive on my IMAP account.

I have deleted all emails regarding the calendar invite from my Comcast IMAP account and all entries in my calendar and Mailbox but they still keep appearing. On my phone (Blackberry using the Mobile Server) I had dozens of these even though I deleted them from my Mailbox and so I deleted all of them. When I do a send/receive on the IMAP account, I get the following in the POA log:

15:33:55 78E6 Distribute message from: horizonavl+8ec4fe30-cea7-467d-aac1-a4143387801d (DNP)
15:33:55 78E6 Begin distribution to 1 users
15:33:55 78E6 Distributed: DNP

I don't see anything come in on the GWIA logs and there's nothing new coming in on the IMAP account. I ran a GWcheck on my mailbox.

Any ideas on how to get this to stop?