I know the what the problem is, just not what options I have to fix it. My user requires the text size on his display be set at 150% (we can go as low as 138%) because of a vision disability. The problem since changing to the 2014 client is that the TO /CC /SUBJECT fields do not automatically expand to accommodate the larger font display, so the text gets cut off at the bottom. If I play around resizing the window, eventually the text displays correctly, but the setting doesn't "stick" so the next new mail reverts back to the smaller field size. Is there a way to change/edit the vew file to make that field larger?

I'm having him mouse over the names now, which brings up a balloon that he can read the entire name/e-mail address, but that is not the ideal solution. I don't want to go back to the 2012 client because we were having issues with that client crashing. I recall in the "old" days there was a utility to edit the vew files, so I'm wondering if that is still available? I tried having the user use the "magnifying glass" in Windows, but that confused him more, and goofing around resizing the window is also not an option for every new e-mail.

thanks for your suggestions.