Hi All,

We have an ongoing problem with ZCM 11.x and our Citrix VDi environment. Our Usersource is AD, when we change our AD password, log in log out ZCM agent no longer passes through the authentication and our users rely heavily on the ZCM desktop icons to operate. if the user clicks the zenicon and choose login, this works, but doesnt keep or cache this info so they are faced with the same problem next login. sometimes this fixes itself but most times we have to clear the cache etc and reboot and it comes good.

Little bit more on the environment.
Citrix Xendesktop 5, with ESXi 5.5 hypervisor backend. not pooled, each user has a dedicated VDi. we are running 11.3.2, this has been going on since 11.2.x

This only happens on the VDi environment, Physycial machines no issue.

The VDI's have all the required Citrix Agents installed, VDA etc, and the problem occurs whether we go through the Citrix or open the machine via the vCenter console.

Anyone seen this, or expirencing this?