Vibe is told to support > 400 file formats and that the file viewing capabilities are provided by Oracle Outside In viewer technology that supports over 500 unstructured file formats.

Testing with Firefox 33.1 on Linux desktops and Vibe 3.4 on SLES11SP3, the following basic file management options beyond Download/Save and possibly View, are available for some typical file types:

+ Opening in the browser pdf preview

+ Open with

+ Open with
+ Edit

+ Open with
+ Edit


+ Edit

I wonder why "Open with" and "Edit" is not available for DOCX, as long as the document was intially created with LibreOffice on the Linux desktop?

In my opinion also complete file action options should be brought up in a context menu by right-click (as usual in File managers) on any file in the folder Files list.

Is there any configuration file on Vibe that can be edited to complement the available file actions for DOCX files etc ?

The Vibe Admin guide has a chapter about Configuring File Associations for Edit in Place Applications, but I'm not sure how to do this and if this will help here

Else, in Firefox Edit>Preferences>Applications it is possible to set Actions for various file types (content), and in Gnome 3,x System settings | Details | Default Applications can be selected.

Terje J. Hanssen