We are bringing up a set of test "packaging" servers, Win 2012 terminal server, for use in building/testing packages intended for installation in a new Citrix environment. I am running into a number of issues with the agent on these servers, including:

- UAC has to be explicitly turned off before the agent will install
- Agent won't deploy (push) has to be run e.g. from web-based install
- Agent doesn't start up automatically on server start or login, even though the services are set to start properly
- Agent doesn't log in if started by the user explicitly
- The agent installation causes the login screen to change, to default to email login instead of domain. This means each user has to first click on the Signon Options, then pick the key for the domain login, then enter the domain credentials. I did verify today that it is the Zenworks Agent install that's causing this change on the login screen.

Of these, the big irks are these last 3 because they affect every login. E.g. when the user logs in, the only "automatic" way to get the agent to start is to put zennotifyicon in the Startup folder. Putting it in the registry or counting on the service start just isn't working. It can be started manually after login just fine, though.

And then once the agent is started, it doesn't log in automatically, though it does accept the user's password if they log in explicitly from the tray icon.

Any hints as to where to start? These were installed with the default settings, e.g. I did NOT select to not-install the GUI. I do suspect something is amiss with the way it is set to authenticate initially, and whatever that is may be affecting both the single-signon (usually) transparent agent login and the Windows logon screen default, but I'm not sure what I'm even looking for.


-- DE