Upgraded from 1.0.1 to 1.1 via zip file. Since Windows 8/8.1 printer
profiles did not come over via the zip import, I followed TID 3006957
(Option 2) and used the PADBTXT.XML from the old appliance to re-gen
printers and profiles on the new 1.1 appliance. All went well,
printing is fine and 8/8.1 profiles are back in place, and my old
1.0.1 renderer connected and went active after it was rebooted.

I would now like to upgrade the external renderer to 1.1 version. What
is the best path-- delete the external renderer on the iprintva
console so it's running only the internal renderer, uninstall the
renderer software from the external renderer box, install the new 1.1
software then re-configure and re-register? Or can I just run the 1.1
installer and do an in-place upgrade?