Greetings friends.

OES 11 sp1 on a Dell Power Edge 1800. Looks like the power supply failed from a sudden disconnect from a UPS. The server appears to be dead.

The only drive was a boot drive and it contained customer data. Backup was not done recently enough.

I think the drive is fine, and customer has a Compaq ML350 spare and I do know the drive is is compatible with the Compaq Box.

Want to know how I might install OES on that box and then mount the drive from the Dell box to get the files. Or can I re-install OES on the same drive after putting it in the Compaq box without loosing the data if it is on another partition? Surely that can be done? Yes?

How do I go about it? Obviously I want the quickest and easiest solution to get all the data off of the drive short of buying a new power supply that may not be the problem.

Thank you.