Can anyone assist with this. User is on Win 7 64 bit with GW 8 HP5 (just installed). When checked in Windows for compatibility, Windows puts it into Win XP SP2 compatibility mode (and this helps for a bit), but user experiences frequent crashes when replying, spell checking, starting a new email, that is almost anything except just reading. Backend is HP3.

Message is the bland "Novell GroupWise client has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the problem and notify you if a solution is found."

This started just yesterday just after midday (NZ Time) and has continued. Originally was client 8.03 HP3. Have run all GW check options on database with nothing serious found on whole database or user. Setting compatibility mode works for a while, then it recurs. Upgraded to HP5, no change. Remove GW and reinstall, no change. Prior to this no issues for years, user now agitating for Outlook to be installed... As a note one other user reported a brief similar occurrence (thin client user on old Server 2003 box, but that hasn't recurred today). Could be a Windows update breaking things, or....?

Any suggestions welcomed, next step is a support call but that involves far too much work ;(