Hi. A quick background. We were running the same setup some months ago just fine. But it was sles 11 sp1 and the old gw mobility data sync product. Same users, all was fine.

We decided to move to GMS 2 and SLES 11 SP3 at the same time, at the same time as fixing the various vulnerabilities in BASH. At the same time we also patched gw8 with the latest security fixes.

Sine then, we have had nothing but problems and downtime. Not a day would go by without us having to reset GMS to get emails on our mobile devices. If left too long the poa would need restarting.

we then re patched nw6.5 with sp8 and all post sp8 patches inc TCP fixes. This helped the POA stability. But every other day at best, we were restarting GMS server to get emails to come through on our handsets. Note this seemed to work almost everytime with no restart of the POA.

we have Novell looking at this but it's not looking good. In a desperate attempt to help things I completely rebuilt the GMS server from scratch. This has resulted in an even worse situation. The POA gets restarted, and no mails come through on the devices. If we restart the GMS server, things seem to work, but for less than an hour.

I am at a complete loss now with what to do or try. Any tips on starting from scratch with GMS the right way? I am using group wise provisioning as opposed to LDAP but it's otherwise identical. Any chance that's to blame? The POA web console showed lots of events that I manually deleted which I believe related to the old GMS server. But that never helped either.

Please anyone running GW8, on nw6.5 preferably, give me some good news or tips???

Many thanks for ANYTHING you can offer... Cheers Alan.