We currently have the following environment:

1. Groupwise 2012 server #1 on one server, with GWIA, MTA, POA,
WebAccess on that server. Primary MX record points to this server. On
our dsl internet connection

2. Groupwise 2012 server #2, GWIA, MTA, on that server. Secondary MX
record points to this server. On our cable internet connection.

Currently, For incoming purposes, email normally comes in via the
primary MX record to server #1. If it is not responding, email incoming
traffic goes via the secondary MX record to server #2. m This is automatic.

However, I am not certain that the outgoing emails have automatic
redundancy. If the GWIA on server #1 cannot process outgoing mail
simply because the dsl internet connection it uses is down, does the
outgoing emails automatically get routed to server #2 to go out that
GWIA. Or does that automatic rerouting occur only if the GWIA on server
#1 is actually down.

I had read that the redundancy routing of the GWIA to server #2 did not
work on GW6, but did work on GW7. Is that the case and does it work
automatically for GW2012 in the instance where the GWIA on server #1 is
still up but is not able to connect to the internet because the internet
connection is down.

We want to have automatic outgoing GWIA redundancy in addition to the
incoming GWIA redundancy.