I just upgraded to GroupWise 2014 (from 2012). In GW2012 I used LDAP authentication against eDir. In GW2014, I associated the GW mailboxes to Active Directory. I tested a few accounts and I can login just fine. However I also have mailboxes that have to authenticate to eDir, because (for now) they don't have AD equivalent accounts.

To achieve this, I also added the eDirectory as a directory in the GW admin console. I then enabled LDAP authentication in the Post Office security settings, without adding the "Available LDAP Servers" to the "Selected LDAP Servers" box.

When I logon to a mailbox that is associated to eDir, it allows me to logon. I do have a mailbox that doesn't allow me to logon, although it is associated to eDir. When I re-associate (remove-add) it, it works for a while only to stop working again. It's not entirely stable.

In the POA log, I see the following message: Alert: Utilize LDAP server which is not in the pool configuration! So it would seem it doesn't particularly like my setup.

* Is what I'm trying to achieve not supported or am I configuring it wrong?
* If I add the "Available LDAP Servers" to the "Selected LDAP Servers" box will it use it a failover pool and thus mess up my mixed-directory authentication?
* Is it possible to use GroupWise authentication for some mailboxes and AD authentication for others. If so, it would take away the need to use eDir.