In the past month or so I'm having a growing frequency in having to resync devices for my users. I'm currently running Mobility 2.0.1 build 53 on a virtual server that has two 3.06Ghz processors and 4GB of RAM for 20 users.

What most of my users that have problems are running in to is that their calendars fail to sync or update appointments, all of these users have Apple devices.

What one other user (myself) is experiencing with their Nexus 5 is that the mailbox frequently shows as empty and the contacts list frequently runs into errors when it syncs. This device is running Android-L which has done away with the former "Corporate" email application and has integrated it under GMail (which I'm not happy about), but these issues could be more of an issue with the new mobile OS than with sync.

In the dashboard I'm also seeing one user who's Full Name and GroupWise Email show the details of the previously listed user, even though the Mobile User and LDAP ID show the correct data, but that appears to be something cosmetic.

Processor, RAM and Cache usage are all very low so I doubt increasing resources would make any difference to these issues but I'm open to suggestions.