I have submitted a RFE to Novell and just want to air these opinions and possibly get some feedback about it on this forum:

"A webmail app client within Vibe to Integrate Email.eml files into project related folders"

Problem Description:
Eliminate the need to constantly switch between separate (fat) email client systems and Vibe, File Managers and office applications to manage email messages and regular documents attachments effectively within Vibe.

Project knowledge workers and projecting teams (engineering, consultans, architects) want to store email correspondence in the file system with one email message per file organized the project way and logical thinking in project related folders. They want to keep and share all type of project team documents (office ODT/OOXML documents, CAD drawings and models, photos, calculations and email correspondence) related to a particular project below the same project folder into a sub folders tree structure.

Proposed Solution:
Vibe needs an integrated webmail client app to fullfill this gap to manage email as project documents in a practical and useful way

Vibe's email app should easily feature drag&drop and copy&paste project grouped emails from connected IMAP email servers to separate .eml files with attachments in normal file folders and mirrored project folders.

It's crucial to preserve (keep) the emails original timestamps, sender and receiver for project and document managements by using indexing, sorting/filterering, searching, viewing and easy follow the email in/out threads.

An important feature here is being a cross-platform webmail app within Vibe, beyond much of same features covered by "MessageSave" an add-on product for Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

Perceived Benefit:
Being able to quickly read/view and compose/edit/post simple and rich emails with attachments without leaving the Vibe system, both within teams and with customers, externally and internally.

Saving all email in Vibe as standard .eml files offers redudance and secure open access to email correspondence also for future review of project archives, independent of the current native email format in use.
EML files can also be read by major fat, native email clients like GroupWise and Outlook on Windows, Thunderbird, Evolution and Kmail on Linux.

A Vibe webmail client will be a useful, cross-platform complement to integrate email correspondence, more completary than a competitor to the Groupwise native client on Windows (only) or to the generic GW webaccess.


Terje J. Hanssen