We are currently migrating our GroupWise system from GW8 on Netware to GW14 on SLES11.

The primary domain has been migrated (using Danita's guide) and I've created a new secondary domain, and Post Office and it's been mostly trouble free (see my previous thread on this forums)

I've created another secondary domain, and installed a GWIA on it. Everything appears to be working, and it routes e-mail as it should.

However, there definitely is an issue that is particularly demonstrable when creating a new user.
Test 1:
> Connected to PO Domain
> Create user
> Check user exists
> Connect to GWIA Domain - new user does not appear.

Test 2:
> Connected to GWIA Domain
> Create user
> User appears but greyed out
> Connect to PO domain - user present and been tested working.

So it appears that the GWIA Domain is able to communicate out, but isn't receiving comms from other Domains.
I've quadruple checked the link configuration and the GWIA domain is set to communicate by direct IP (both inbound and outbound) to the other Domains and vice versa.
I've also checked the permissions on the wpdomain.db file and they appear to be identical to those on the other domains.

At the moment I can resolve these by running a rebuild on the GWIA domain - which is obviously a bit of a 'nuclear option', and any new users created, moved, etc necessitate another rebuild.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot further, or anything obvious I've overlooked?

Thanks in advance.