ZCM Version 11.3.1 / Windows 7 64bit / Bundle for Office 2010 Std 32bit Installation

We have a bundle for Office 2010 Std and have distributed it to about 100 devices - another 1000 will come. Some WS get reimaged but most WS will just get the Office bundle.

Now I have noticed that a few workstations got into a installation loop with office since office either returns and end code 3010 (reboot required) or 30066 (prerequisit not fullfilled). The reason is unknown but it is likely that some others will have the same problem.

I know that each bundle has not only a visible version counter on the summary tab but several hidden version counters for each summary, requirements, install, lauchn, uninstall, ... tab - by the way the programers should display them, it would make things much clearer.

Now the problem is, when adding the end codes as "Success Return Codes" the install tab counter is increased and the install action will be done again on 100 workstations after publishing the bundle again - and of course office installation lasts for ages.

If I add a requirement on the bundle that it will only be valid if Office is NOT installed, then the VERIFY (and possibly UNINSTALL) action is not operational which is recommended by the customer.

Does anybody see a solution to modify the bundle WITHOUT installing it again?

Thanks Klaus