I'm wondering if there is any way to resolve this issue I'm having with
the GW2014sp1hp1 (happened also with the sp1 client).

I prefer to use the keyboard more than the mouse for a lot of my daily

Since moving to the GW2014 client, if I click an email, then press
enter to open it, after closing it, deleting it, etc, I have to click
back into my emails to be able to select more than one email.

Example, I have a rule that moves the emails from the nightly backups
to their own folder. In the morning, I glance at them and only need to
look at the emails where the backup did not finish normally.

So, I click in there, hold shift and scroll down through the normal
emails, stop and delete them if I get to an abnormal one. I then open
that one to see what happened, and delete it afterwards.

Now, instead of just scrolling down, shift selecting the rest of the
emails as I go, I have to click back into this folder, *then* start my
shift selecting.

Ideas? Suggestions? This a bug, or just the way the client was
'enhanced' for this version? If it's an 'enhancement', I say boo and
get rid of that 'enhancement'.