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Thread: Move volume pauses with out of disk space error

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    Move volume pauses with out of disk space error

    I'm trying to move a volume onto a new, larger disk (old disk is 500GB, new one is 1000GB). Each volume has it's own pool, no other volumes using up space and the new volume is set to grow to the pool size.
    I set up the move job and it ran to 13% and then paused. The comment field in the details of the Volume Job Control is "Target volume is out of disk space".
    Both iManager's storage plugin and a df -h on the command line show the target volume has 944GB free.
    The root and /var partitions have free space too:
    /dev/xvda3 16G 4.7G 9.9G 32% /
    /dev/xvdb 9.9G 8.2G 1.2G 88% /var

    The volume I'm migrating from is 89% full, so it's not out of space either!
    Both volumes have compression enabled.

    Also, I can manually copy more files across to the target volume.

    Any idea what is causing the error to occur?

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