I have got a tree with a couple of NW6.5 and a couple of OES2SP2 ( I think ) servers ( I know, I need to upgrade those to a reasonable level ). One NW6.5 is a physical server and the rest are XEN VM's all hosted on another physical server. I'd like to move to whatever is current, OES11SP2, probably by adding more servers to the existing tree and eventually taking out the old ones. Only Netware servers have replicas, there aren't any on SLES. Haven't had any issues with the tree since ever, basically ( used mostly for FS, LDAP auth on Netware, printing, DNS/DHCP on OES/SLES ).

Now, I've started looking at the time synch, all servers should be using NTP ( external source ) yet DSTRACE only shows two NW servers being in sync but not OES/SLES. Time on SLES appears to be current and they are hosted on the same box as one of the NW. There are no DS replicas on SLES.

My question is: could I proceed with adding a new OES11 server to the tree despite the apparent time sync issues on SLES, considering those aren't involved in DS replication ?