Have a user with GW2014 (14.0.1. build 118418) with a problem exactly like TID 7015555 where Windows will pop an error saying there is no program associated with this file extension (.pdf) but attachment has the Acrobat icon and if you save the attachment to the desktop and double click on it, it will open in Acrobat (which is designated as the default program in Windows). BUT this user only has IE (default) and Safari on his computer. All other registered file types open (e.g. doc, xls, txt) and I confirmed the attachment is being created in the \user\documents\groupwise folder with the correct extension. I can also preview the pdf attachment in GroupWise. One oddity that I noticed is that when there is a pdf attachment, and I right-click on it, I get a slightly different menu than a .doc attachment. On a .doc attachment, I have an "OPEN" option, but for a .pdf attachment, I get an "EDIT" option. Selecting EDIT (the default action) pops the error. If I choose OpenWith, then select Acrobat, the attachment opens. So that's the workaround for my user right now, but I'd like to fix this in case it pops up in another install.

I did a clean install of GW, updated Acrobat (it was a problem with both Acrobat X and now XI). I'm trying to avoid doing a default reset of IE because this user has a ton of links and saved cookies. But I switched the browser in GroupWise so I don't think that should be problem.

Just for testing, I installed Firefox on the computer as the default browser, and changed the settings per TID 7015555, but still got the error. I even tried switching the browser setting in GroupWise to Safari, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Does GW client cache that browser setting option, or does it take effect when the settings are saved?

Forgot to mention, this was not a problem with the GW2012 client on this machine. Is it just me or does this upgrade to the 2014 client seem more problematic than the upgrade to the 2012 client (which most of my users didn't even notice coming from GW8)?