I have several applications that I use the "Run as Dynamic Administrator" option both with and without a network account specified. In either case where in the past if I open Task Manager I would see a process start under an account "DAU-[random]" I am no longer seeing this. In addition, I have several systems where patch policies attempt to apply the same patches over and over, which according to the local txt file that gets written they are getting applied successfully, but they are not showing as being applied in the ZCC console. Again this is a situation where while patches are getting applied I usually see a "DAU-" user working away, but I see nothing in the Task Manager.

All of my workstations are Windows 7 Enterprise x64, and I'm currently running ZCM virtual appliance 11.3.1, and am considering updating to 11.3.2 to see if it resolves this issue but since I need to jump through a few hoops to get Engl tools to work again after an update I'm trying to hold off until after we've completed the bulk of our new system imaging.

If you have any ideas for things to check or try they would be greatly appreciated.