Hello everybobody.

I need help with very strange behavior of GroupWise client. I tried to create new Service Request, but that portal gave me an internal error. So until it will be fixed I'm trying to search my luck here.

I have 3 users that keep getting an error messages in their Caching mailboxes.
The message content is: "GroupWise has encountered a problem with your mailbox. GroupWise can rebuild your mailbox to avoid further problems. Rebuild now (this may take several minutes)?".

Users just work with their clients, no matter what they do, period of errors is various, but at least one per day. Error window can or cannot be closed (it's also various, but many times GroupWise client is frozen), so they have to kill grpwise.exe process. CPU and memory usage of "dead" process looks normal (about 0-1% CPU, memory depends on mailbox's size).
At the next start, client rebuilds database and so on. If I try to check caching database manually (gwcheck), everything looks healthy, no errors in log.
Manual deletion (and creation in client again) of Caching database directory makes no change, after that GW client fails with same error messages. And no errors appears in POA log files.

Rebuild times are various (depends on size/number of messages and computer power). First user has fast laptop with SSD and small database, so it's a few seconds job, but second user has about 60k of messages in 8,5GB and rebuild is very slow, so user can't work with his mail during that process.

Everything is ok in Online mode. Online user databases are ok (I made checks in admin console).

I tried to reconfigure our AV (we use Eset Endpoint Antivirus), bud without success, so I also tried to uninstall it, but that was also without impact to GroupWise client bad behaviour. I am 100% sure that there are no running agents manipulating with GW database. HDDs of both computers are also ok, I made some stress tests.

Our systems are standard:
- fully actualized Windows 7 Pro x86 and x64 (Czech)
- client GroupWise 2014 SP1 HP1 (we use Czech locale); servers GW 2014 SP1 (14.0.1)
- profiles are stored in default path (c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Novell\GroupWise\ )

We have 291 users on 2 PO (e.g. 50% use Online, 50% Caching) and only 3 of them have these problems (fourth user had same issue, but only once, so I'm waiting, if it appears again).

Is there any procedure to fix this errors?

Sorry for my English and very long post.
Thanks Jiri