Hi all: I have two DHCP issues. These issues may be related (high probability).

1. I have DHCP installed on a new OES11 SP2 server. When I reboot the server, the DHCP service will not hand out addresses. The server shows the DHCP deamon running. If I simply restart DHCP everything works fine.

2. When using the Novell Java console, neither of my three DHCP server (one in each of our office) get recognized. The DHCP servers are listed, butI think this has to do with the dhcp objects in our tree. At root we have dhcplocator, DHCPGroup and DNSDHCP-GROUP. IN each OU we have the DHCP Service and DHCP_ServerName objects. Also, when starting up the java console the DHCP server objects have a red X but a green @ symbol.

I have no problems with the DNS servers.

Suggestions? Thanks, Chris.