Hi All,
ZCM 11.3.2 (just upgraded from 11.3.1) Windows 7 SP1 x64 - We have a ESM USB device management policy in place to lockdown to certain USB storage devices. Since going to 11.3.1 and now 11.3.2 client is getting some random issues with the USB keyboards and Mice doing the repeater and/or locking-up, where the keyboards will cease working for a moment, then start again and repeat keys, or even just repeat a key which was pressed. The mouse will also seem to stop at time, then at times randomly move over the full screen for a just a small physical movement. The PC fleet is predominantly Dell with a couple of White Box builds for the java programmers with SSD's, Upgraded processor (i7), memory and graphics. Removing the agent an the problem goes away, disable the ESM modules and the problem goes away. The agents started life as 11.2 and have been upgraded through the standard update process. I am currently getting one of the staff to do a fresh install, to see if it is something to do with all the upgrades. Any ideas would be much appreciated?
Mark Currie