Hi There,

We have een ZCM server (11.3) running. All our workstation are Windows 8.1 enterprise dutch.
For some months now we have some strange problems with windows. Like Printers that cannot be installed on some computers and on the most computers (same computers and same image) it isn't a problem.

Today however I had the following: I made a Windows installation from a Toshiba notebook (Z30) with all the software that we need. The only thing I didn't get to work was the fingerprint sensor that gave a error. Before making the image I gave the command "zac fsg -d" like we always do.
I restored the image on different Notebooks (same product number. Also the same Z30 series) and I get the following:

- On one notebook the fingerprint works without any problem, but I cannot go to the Microsoft store or PC-Settings.
- On a other the Microsoft Store is accessible but the standard users (auto login) gives a message that the user profile i made (like a new User)
- One has the finger print working and the Store en PC-Setting is accessible.

What is going wrong when imaging Windows 8.1? Anyone any idea's?

Agent =