I have a SLES11-SP3 server updated from SLES11-SP1 via the installation media. The server was added to ZCM and assigned the bundles shown below.

Using zac, I noticed there are no searchable packages in Pool, but plenty available in Updates. Bundles and contained RPMs are all published. Both of these bundles were created as Linux Dependency Bundles and joined to a SLES11-SP3 mirror subscription.

In ZCC, Pool lists the unixODBC_23 package; however, the package is not available for installation via zac. I got around this behavior by creating another LDB importing the desired rpm using the Import from Repository option. After this extra step, the unixODBC_23 rpm was available for installation via the like-named bundle using zac.

I'm curious if this is normal Pool behavior related to its rpm-md content, or if my setup is not configured correctly. If I'm not mistaken, I though I had the ability to rug in from Pool with ZLM 7.x.

Any recommendations about exposing the SLES11-SP3 installation rpms to zac?

BTW, this behavior occurs on multiple SLES11-SP3 servers and also on a SLES10-SP4 server.

linux1:~ # zac bl

   Processing Command:  bl

Display Name                                                Version        Bundle Type                   Status                        Assigned
Discover Applicable Updates Linux-SUSE-x86_64-en-SLES-11.3  85             Linux Patch Bundle            Available                     Device
SLES11-SP3-Pool-bundle                                      0              Linux Dependency Bundle       Available                     Device
SLES11-SP3-Updates-bundle                                   0              Linux Dependency Bundle       Available                     Device
unixODBC_23                                                 0              Linux Dependency Bundle       Available                     Device
Total Bundles Assigned:  4