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Thread: Windows client not able to join Domain.(ADC)

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    Windows client not able to join Domain.(ADC)

    We have configured two eDirectory servers.

    First server:: eDirectory+iManager+DSFW (SLES11-SP3, OES11-SP2)
    ip:: 172.x.x.1

    Second server:: eDirectory+iManager (SLES11-SP3, OES11-SP2)
    ip:: 172.x.x.2

    After complete installation of first server, we replicated partition from 172.x.x.1 to 172.x.x.2

    Now, when we are trying to join a windows client to the domain by putting::
    dns ip : 172.x.x.1 ->-> successfully joining
    dns ip : 172.x.x.2 ->-> not joining, you can find the error message in attachment.

    Any ideas?
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