I'm in the midst of testingversion compatability on a test GW2012 system.
The main domain hosts a PO with 5 user accounts and web access.

I'm testing a GW 8 domain/MTA against the main GW2012 domain and the GW8 MTA shows the connection closing and opening about once a minute.

Although there are 5 user accounts on the GW2102 PO, there is no user activity on the system, so all the messages I see in the logs are administrative in nature.

According to GW2012 documentation, a GW 8 MTA should have no problems communicating with a GW 2012
MTA, so I'm not sure if this is a compatability issue or something else.

The Gw8 MTA logs show a lot of both "Domain now open" and "Domain now closed" messages.

The Gw2012 MTA logs show a lot of "Domain now open" messages, but no "Domain now closed" messages.

If I run both MTA's with the --show command line option to display the server console, I see the following:

Attachment 5233

Attachment 5234

The GW8 logs also show this error regularly
10:24:46 F489 ADM: Error [8209] processing message

The only reference I find for that error code is tied to path not found issues when an MTA is trying to talk to a PO.
Since the GW8 domain has no PO, and isn't directly linked to the GW2012 PO, I can't see that being the the issue.

I have attached samples of both MTA logs that are from the same basic time frame.
Other than the 8209 messages, I don't see anything that jumps out at me.
Both logs show some level of successful communication, which would lead me to rule out basic configuration problems, like the wrong IP address or port number.

Possibly relevant info:
Both servers are OES 11SP2.
I have the firewalls disabled on both servers
Both servers are virtual machines running on the same host server.

I guess the next step is wiping out the GW8 domain and replacing it with a GW2012 version to see if that changes anything.