I'm working a ZPM project with a customer with a significant number (4,000+) of VDI windows 7 devices. They report that when the DAU was last enabled in their full environment, the SAM associated with the VDI devices became severely bogged down and were able to trace the cause of the problem back to DAU data volume. They have disabled the DAU for that OS group (Win7 SP1) since and the SAN and the VDIs are happy.

I'm trying to figure some clever way to differentially assign the Win7 SP1 DAU bundle. The default ZPM action is to assign an OS-specific DAU bundle to each OS instance. However, the assignment is invisible. I can build dynamic workstation groups that accurately define the VDI and non-NDI workstation sets, and I'd like to assign the Win7 SP1 DAU bundle to the non-VDI group, but the bundle is disabled and I can't re-enable it for one group but not the other.

Anyone have any clever ideas how I can divide and conquer?