I noticed this back during the initial deployment of 11.3.1, however have not had a chance to comeback to it. Now we are at 11.3.2 and the issue seems to still be.

On login we have a script that runs via a bundle it tracks user, date, time, computer login info to 2 locations, one on the local workstation to a hidden folder and 2 on the network.....

It looks like this in the log file

"pwolfe" , "192.168.x.x" , "LPTP-PWOLFE" , "Tue 02/03/2015" , "11:44:20.05"

What I have noticed is if someone uses ZRM (Zen Remote Management) to manage the workstation / shadow a user for help or any other such thing...the next logon on the box will look like this

"LPTP-PWOLFE$" , "192.168.x.x" , "LPTP-PWOLFE" , "Tue 02/03/2015" , "11:44:20.05"

Notice the user variable went from the username to the computer name with a dollar sign. I would say it could be the script, however see below it works fine with the old agent installed.

If you reboot the computer its fine, you can login and out time after time and it will display correctly. However if someone remote manages the computer it is broke until the next restart.

here is the script that runs:

for /f "Tokens=2 Delims=[]" %%i in ('ping -4 -n 1 "%computername%"') do set IP=%%i
Echo "%username%" , "%IP%" , "%ComputerName%" , "%date%" , "%Time%" >>"\\192.168.x.x\support\utilities\logfiles\IPaddr essLog.txt"
Echo "%username%" , "%IP%" , "%ComputerName%" , "%date%" , "%Time%" >>"C:\Utilities\IPaddressLog.txt"

This is being called as a launch item under a user run bundle, it is set to run as logged in user.

This is not happening on the older 11.2.4 separate Zone / server setup that is still in use for the majority of people. Just on the newer 11.3.x environment.

If I remove the 11.3.x agent and install the 11.2.4 agent and point it to the old environment / server it works fine.

Any ideas?