we have a serious problem since iprint client 5.99 update on some lab machines.

The question: where does iprint store this password information?

there are circumstances in which User A prints afterwards user B logs in and the user credentials from user A are still visible in iprint client prefernce
(LDAP_DN, LDAP, eDir, Permanent)

where does this come from? registry? ini?

The Setup is with Novell Client - seemless Login.

if user B trys to print the print is cancelled.

ippErrs.log shows:
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: registry.c, line 12299, thread 00000DB0
Routine: GetSessionLoginData - RegOpenKeyEx failed 2
Error: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.

it seems it tries to look up password information in the rgeistry.