We've just recovered from a server hardware failure which corrupted our disk array (Random drives reporting fails and auto rebuilding due to a faulty RAID card).

Replaced the Server, built a base Netware OS installed SP8, installed backup software, restored volumes, everything nicely re-added to tree BUT I'm pretty sure were missing some of the post SP8 patches. We've been getting fairly frequent abends of one kind or another since the rebuild and I just found that we were missing the latest iPrint patches for Win7 - iprintnw65sp8f.zip (which are now reapplied) causing this abend - https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7002328

Has anyone a) got a definitive list of post SP8 patches?
and b) know where I can get them now that NetIQ are no longer letting you download unsupported stuff?

I'm currently manually going through the pre-disaster backup tape catalogue and comparing nlm dates with the running server to see if I can spot anything.