I try to connect two GW2014 System on the same LAN.
The 1 System (old System on OES11 updated from GW 2012 to 2014)
2 Dom: prim. DOM with PO and MTA; sec. DOM with MTA und GWIA

the new System are the same: 2Dom´s prim. with PO and MTA; sec. with MTA und GWIA

both Systems are up and running (send/receive Mails)

now I try to connect over external GW-System

i try a connect from the prim. DOM new System (with the PO) to the prim DOM old System
The Link is at both side from the external Domän direct to the prim. Domän (Port 7100)
at booth sides the status from the MTA (prim.DOM ): Open Direct Link to Domain (ext)
If I try a telnet over 7100 from one Server to the other Server- it connect.

But if I try synchronize external System (I check the send and receive option) - it dosn´t work - nothing no DOM, no PO, no User

anyone have an idea