While I'm not entirely new to GroupWise, I have finally run into a problem where I am unable to suggest a solution.

I have a user that likes to save emails to specific folders and would like the default view to be Details as it is outside of the GroupWise application. Here is what she is doing and can be replicated on my desktop as well.

1. In GroupWise right click any email and click Save As
2. In the right-side window pane, right-click in any empty space
3. Choose View and notice the default is Medium icons
4. Still in View, change to Details
5. Find where you want to save email and click Save.
6. Close the Save As.. window.
7. Repeat the process for saving an email and notice that the default now goes back to Medium icons instead of Details.

So the Details view exists everywhere except in GroupWise when using Save As...

Is there a way for GroupWise to remember the setting of View by the user in this scenario or for it to pull in the current setting from Windows Explorer?