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Thread: Help needed explaining role assigning

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    Help needed explaining role assigning

    Have installed second primary server in my zone.
    Since the old is still on OES and other things wrong with it, want to move everything to new server.
    and discard old one.

    Both linux servers, both with embedded database.
    Now as far as I can see, I would only need step 16 of the manual, right ?
    Since both have the databases installed ?

    So step 16 reads ;
    Assign the database role to PSDB2 by running the following command in the DBISQL utility:
    update zZenServerRoles set id=<0xNew DB servers GUID>, position=(select max(position) from zZENServerRoles where id=<0xNew DB servers GUID>)+1 where Roles='Database'
    Question 1) what is the dbisql utility ?
    where do I find it and how do I start it ?
    ( I know that's actually 3 questions )

    Questions 2)
    Set ID ? What id and how plus 1 ?
    where do I get my "new DB servers GUID" ?

    Appreciated ! Stephan
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