Hey all,
having a big issue with Windows 7 machines running the Ir9 client (and have tested Ir10, still happens)..
we've recently started rolling out windows 7, but randomly users are calling saying a folder they were just working in is now empty. I login to their session and verify, its empty. I pull the folder up on my machine (xp or win7) and I can see the contents no problem. Lets say the empty folder is named TRIAL, if i rename the folder from my machine to TRIALS, then I can see all the files on the problem machine, if i rename it back to TRIAL, its empty again. this is VERY weird and its happening enough to make me think theres a bug somewhere.. but don't know where.

Also, somewhat similar to the above.. some users will randomly be browsing mapped drives and be presented with HANDLE IS INVALID errors. Only way to fix is to reboot. Very strange stuff happening here. My google-fu is not finding any others with the issues though.