Hello there!
Right, we've been on 2014 (SLES) for just over a week now, but since
migrating, our POA scheduled maintenance tasks have stopped generating the
log emails. For years, our GW8 would run maintenance tasks and send me the
logs via email. But now, I only get an email for one of our POA's.

I've recreated all the maintenance tasks (daily structure & weekly contents)
for both our POA's, but for some reason, the schedule for one is the same
for the other. I don't appear to be able to schedule a different date/time
for each event?

Do I need to create another unique event for each PO for schedule, and 2 for
contents? Is that the only way I can get them to run independently? There is
a theory that because they are running alongside each other, I'm only
getting email logs for one of them.

Any clues?
Thanks, Alan