We have a new small Filr installation (Version and I've run into an issue with the ability to "Edit in place" from within the web interface.

This was working until one of two things changed. I applied all the patches to Filr, and also I have the latest version of Java on my workstation now.

One of these two things caused the edit in place to stop working. Unfortunately I didn't notice the problem until both had been applied so I don't know which one it was however I was suspecting the Java update of being the culprit.

I have tried reverting to a previous version of Java that I knew was working but still no joy. I have also tried tweaking security settings in java and the browser but again to no avail.

The symptom is that when selecting Edit This File from within the web interface my machine seems to show some disc activity (I'm assuming it's firing up the Java Runtime Environment) but then nothing. No security messages, errors or anything at all. I have tried this on another workstation and get the same result.

I found this article from a year ago referring to an issue in Filr 1.0.1:

I was wondering if a similar thing has happened again or maybe this is a result of applying the patches.

Has anyone else had the same issue or come across a resolution?