I have built a number of 1.1 appliances but I have one site where it all builds fine - but there is no padbtxt.xml file under /var/opt/novell/iprint/print_manager.iPrintAppliance.psm/

I have done the initial config via :9443 page

I can log into iManager and the appliance_string shows up.
I can upload drivers.

However, if I try creating a Printer Driver Profile (which are stored in this xml file) then it fails with "insufficient rights" but more likely that it hasn't got a file to open !

I removed the VM and did this twice more. Not being insane I expected and got the same outcome - no padbtxt.xml !

I see there was a bug fix listed for OES in May last year for incomplete data being written to this file.

No other sites seem affected - and I can't think why this one would be different ?

Is there a log which would capture this ?

Any thoughts appreciated..