Looking at making changes to our current SLP environment, we have grown and created a number of remote sites. We currently just have two SLPDA's at our main site and looking at creating two additional SLPDA's at two of our other sites for redundancy, etc...

I have a couple of questions that I cannot find in the documentation or needs further clarification.

1.) On the Novell client in the Service Location tab, you can enter multiple DA's in the directory agent list, does it attempt to contact all the servers in the list, or just sequential, round robin, HA? Example, if I have DA1, DA2, DA3 in the list, and the workstation attempts to contact DA1 and the server is down, will it attempt to contact DA2, etc until it gets a response?

2.) The documentation states putting in the DA's DNS as FQDN. I would like to enter DNS short names only and use DNS trickery using CNAMES to resolve to the closest site. Is that too far fetched or overkill? Perhaps just dependent on answer #1.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,