Is there any documentation on the process to build a Kiosk machine via ZCM 11.3? I've tried numerous searches with various key words and haven't come up with anything. I was recently in an online course, ts-3120, and the instructor mentioned locking a PC down to using only the apps created through ZCM, but didn't explain how this was done as it was outside the context of the course we were doing.
Our ZCM server is running 11.3, I plan on building the kiosk box with windows 8.1 enterprise. I did look and play a little with the assigned app feature built in to 8.1 enterprise, but it doesn't allow me to add NAL as the assigned app.
We want this system to be locked down to only run web URLS of our choosing, no access to start menu, task manager.... nothing except the web apps assigned via ZCM.

thank you in advance!