I made a set of rule to accept or decline an appointment.

I also made address book group containing most of my resource. That to help finding on that is open at the moment. It's work great.

The only problem is that sometime, someone make an appointment with all the resource. I named all my group "Salles-..." and all my resource "Salle-" (i work in a french place). I thought that if i detected the "Salles-" in the "to" list, it mean that it was an appointment with all the resource. Problem is, the detection do not work. The Salles- is not on the "to" list (or CC or CM), I seem to get change before the email get to the resource.

My next try was to limit it to one resource but i don't see how to do that. My only idea was to make a rule that said that the "to" contain any member of the resource. But then i have to list them all in each resource rule. I have over 60 resources and i expect that to change often making that list hard to maintain.

Anyone have a better idea?