I recently did the upgrade from 11.2.3a to 11.2.4 on our servers (though the
workstation agent is not upgraded yet.) Not many problems, thankfully.

But the documentation indicates that with 11.2.4, both the old and new
reporting components can run side-by-side.

Re. the new Reporting 5:

- Does this have to be installed on a Zenworks server? The installation
complains that the ports are in use, presumably because the old reporting
components claim those ports.

If so, how do I install side-by-side? e.g. are there other ports that I
can/should use, or ???

If not, can I just point it to a Zenworks primary server & database or what
else would I need to do, to run it from a different server?

Re. the older InfoView reporting:

- It appears to be broken now, but I'm not sure if it's because of the upgrade
or because they also changed McAfee on us in the middle of everything. I can
get to the Reporting from inside ZCC, get to the Infoview, see the report
formats, but as soon as I click on any report format, I get a "HTTP Status 400
- Invalid path /AnalyticalReporting/WebiView was requested"

Was there an additional piece I was supposed to do during the upgrade, to keep
the old reporting working?

I'm having problems finding much clarity in the installation documentation,
even though I've gone through the Reporting 5 installation guide.


-- DE